Womanhood: Becoming a Woman of Virtue

Womanhood: Becoming a Woman of Virtue is an eight-week, interactive Bible study of eight women of the Old Testament and is suitable for group or individual setting.  There is an in-depth section for the woman who likes to linger in the Word and a condensed section designed for the woman on the go.  The in-depth section has five daily homework assignments that require approximately thirty minutes of study time per day to complete.  Personal application questions are at the end of each daily lesson.  Participants will meet together once a week for a two-hour session to discuss the homework assignments and discussion questions.   The condensed section is suitable for individual or group setting, as well.   Participants gather together once a week for a two-hour session and will work together on completing the weekly assignments and discussion questions.  There is no homework!  This Bible study is meant to challenge, encourage, and inspire today's woman. Ultimately, there is the opportunity to grow in one's own faith and understanding of the Scriptures.  It is a two-in-one Bible study that is sure to meet the spiritual needs of women of all ages.

Available in Paperback and eBook.